Recommended Drills and Breakthrough Basketball are our recommended resources for your coaching needs. These sites include an extensive library of drills, clinic notes, play diagrams, etc. They also have articles regarding coaching philosophy and skill development. Make sure to check out what they have to offer! If you are looking for additional drill ideas, visit Hoopsplaybook's favorite drills for kids or Breakthrough Basketball's youth drills.

Included on this page are some of our favorite drills from both sites. They are divided up by category (according to the Skill Development Pathway), and a section of SSG's are also included (players practice multiple skills within the context of a 5 on 5 game) for each age division. Drills that are categorized within a specific age group do not need to be limited to that age group only. Many of the drills can be used at both younger and older ages.

K-4th Grade Drills

5th-12th Grade Drills